"Milliner to the stars - and the name Viktoria Novak as a top one in her business" - by the Daily Mail

Viktoria Novak is unique, luxury, designed to inspire a commitment to perfection in each exquisite detail, during every stage of the design-making process.

Royalty, opulence, French Parisian chic are just a few of the feelings evoked when glancing at bridal & racewear crowns and headpieces hand created by Viktoria Novak. Launching her label in 2006, acclaimed milliner Viktoria Novak is renowned in the industry for her exquisite millinery talent. With a background in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Millinery, Viktoria brings luxurious artistic designs to the forefront of fashion.

Adorned with intricate handmade detail, Viktoria has established a continued presence due to her dedication in ensuring each woman feels the ultimate experience when wearing her designs. Renowned for her craftsmanship and winner of multiple “Accessories Designer of the Year” awards.

Viktoria Novak is not a shop, nor is it a factory. It is a celebration of the artistic creation and design. It is a celebration of the process, love, passion, complexity and uniqueness of each design. Viktoria Novak is the ultimate enjoyment of a headpiece and crown.